BSM Analytics

BSM focuses on the business services that drive profit and loss. Centerity evaluates the full IT stack, looking across all technology layers, to isolate problems and identify trends that impact performance and cost.

What this means for you

Any Environment

Real-time operational data for business optimization across full-range of deployment options: On-Prem, Cloud, Hybrid, Virtual, Remote, Co-Locate, IoT, Edge, Fog, etc.

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Any Layer

Full-stack analytics reveal the health of critical processes, the root-cause of problems, and negative performance trends.

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Any Role

Executive dashboards with unified performance analytics and trend reports to optimize costs and increase reliability of ongoing operations.

The Centerity IoT Platform manages IoT components as part of a complete business process (similar to IT components). Since industrial equipment is deployed across a wide-range of operating conditions and environments, IoT devices often communicate using a variety of technologies that are different from traditional IT environments. Centerity supports a comprehensive set of industry and proprietary protocols, allowing IoT devices to be incorporated into end-to-end BSM analytics.

Auto Discovery & Device Awareness

Automatically detect, identify and configure IoT assets across standard and non-standard communication layers and protocols.

Device Abstraction

Unify different IoT devices into a single service model that manages low-level communication details without direct operator involvement

Bidirectional Cybersecurity

Comprehensive security that defends against attacks originating from the Edge or the Enterprise.

Dynamic Integration

Seamless and dynamic integration of new IoT devices without specialized services or maintenance (regardless of protocol).

Event-driven Environment

Configurable monitoring templates communicate Edge events to management systems (incl. older devices).

Ecosystem Management

Manage all Edge devices by scanning networks for devices/services that can be viewed, monitored and managed.

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