BSM Analytics

BSM focuses on the business services that drive profit and loss. Centerity evaluates the full IT stack, looking across all technology layers, to isolate problems and identify trends that impact performance and cost.

What this means for you

Any Environment

Real-time operational data for business optimization across full-range of deployment options: On-Prem, Cloud, Hybrid, Virtual, Remote, Co-Locate, IoT, Edge, Fog, etc.

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Any Layer

Full-stack analytics reveal the health of critical processes, the root-cause of problems, and negative performance trends.

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Any Role

Executive dashboards with unified performance analytics and trend reports to optimize costs and increase reliability of ongoing operations.

Centerity Traffic Analyzer is a next-generation solution for evaluating network data-flow that identifies choke points, data hogs, and security threats. Traffic Analyzer supports complex, distributed, and hybrid networks to deliver massive scalability. Together with the Centerity BSM Platform, Traffic Analyzer allows organizations to pinpoint the source of network, application, and security risks, and to effectively optimize critical business and operational processes.

Flow Analytics

Flow analytics (flows over time, flow drill-down, etc.) and flow filters (by application, packets, protocols, bytes in/out, duration, etc.).

Scalable Architecture

Scalable/distributed architecture with centralized management consolidates network data flow from thousands of data sources in dozens of locations.

Single Pane of Glass

Single-pane-of-glass to capture, analyze and visualize massive volumes of network traffic from within the BSM Platform.

Real-time Network Traffic

Real-time network traffic dashboards provide drill-down to root-cause analysis directly from BSM reports.

Security Alerts & Detection

Security alerts and detection based on triggers (port, protocol, country, etc.).

Standardized & Customized Reporting

Standard and custom reports with dashboard extensions for top talkers, senders and receivers, IP pairs, source/destination, etc.

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