The Centerity AIOps Platform gathers, unifies, and correlates IT and operational metrics across the full-stack of technology layers and deployment environments to improve collaboration between executives, IT, and operational managers to achieve business goals. Centerity’s real-time, interactive dashboards manage critical business services from end-to-end, quickly correlating problems that cross multiple layers and elude traditional monitoring, thereby ensuring delivery of SLAs.

Еnterprise AIOps Platform

Unified, end-to-end IT analytics that reveal performance risks and business impact.

Full-Stack Data Collection

Consolidation and normalization of metrics for all layers and deployment environments.

Business Value Dashboard

Comprehensive executive dashboards of real-time business process SLAs.

One price – all technologies

Simple, need-based pricing model with no hidden costs to eliminate surprises.

Single Software Appliance

One platform to gather metrics for all technologies (no device-type fees).

Topology & Dependency Mapping

Automated discovery & mapping of asset dependencies and system topology.


Supports multi-user management and advanced permissions for MSPs (and others).

Auto Discovery & Device Awareness

Automatically detect, identify and configure any IT asset and KPIs across all technology layers.

Fast, Flexible, Future-Proof

Out of the box best-practice service-packs for 100+ technologies simplify implementation and daily operation.

Root-Cause Analysis

Drill-down into any business service for fast, accurate fault isolation for performance issues.

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