OEM: Customizable Analytics for Vendors’ Proprietary Products

Centerity’s advanced BSM & ITOps solution for OEMs continuously monitors all systems (software and hardware) connected to their technology. This allows the OEM to ensure high performance regardless of the deployment environment: on-premise or remote data centers, Cloud, Edge, Fog, etc.

Real-Time BSM & ITOps Analytics for OEMs

Centerity BSM allows technology vendors to continuously manage their systems throughout the world. With enterprise and carrier-class analytics, Centerity provides real-time data that helps OEMs ensure performance and availability, and to proactively identify maintenance requirements.

Know Your SLA – Know Your Customer’s Business!

Centerity allows OEMs to see and measure its product’s performance in context with its operating environment and customer’s service level needs. With Centerity, technicians will have the information and actionable intelligence needed before the diagnosis begins to reduce downtime, MTTR, operational complexity and OPEX.
Centerity BSM allows OEMs to deliver customized solutions to its customer with executive dashboards and live visual layouts containing real-time SLAs about system performance as well as vital analytics, statistics, consolidated reports and smart notifications.

Collaborative Customer Visibility

With Centerity, OEMs can choose to give its customers the most advanced visibility available in the market today. Centerity monitoring allows OEMs to differentiate its products from the competition by helping customers to see its business environment customized for the way it operates. Customers will be able to visualize the OEM’s product performance in the context of its environment in a clear, intuitive way.

Predictive Maintenance Based on Business Risk

OEMs that monitor their technology remotely are confronted with thousands of automated alerts each day but understanding which alerts pose real problems is a challenge. Pattern matching for correlations and tracking trends is a good start, but predictive maintenance programs depend on prioritizing risks, which requires tying each potential defect back to customer SLAs and business impact.

Multi – Tenancy

Centerity allows OEMs to monitor multiple customers in a secure, efficient way, providing IT Operations with a single pane of glass and real-time executive dashboards for each client and for each subsystem within each client. Our award-winning, next-gen technology supports multi-user management, federated scalability and a web-based GUI to allow customized dashboard, remote and mobile access as well as many other advanced features for multi-client monitoring and management.

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