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The growth of complex hybrid IT technologies running hundreds of critical business & operational services has made it crucial to have a true enterprise-class ITOps and Business Service Management (BSM) Platform to ensure business continuity.


Centerity BSM (Business Service Management) helps organizations to collect, collaborate and correlate performance metrics across all IT and operational systems allowing IT administrators, operational managers, and executives to meet their goals and keep the business up and running.

Any Environment: From On-Prem to Cloud and Everything In‑between

Real-time operational data for business optimization across full-range of deployment options: On-Prem, Cloud, Hybrid, Virtual, Remote, Co-Locate, IoT, Edge, Fog, etc. Learn more

Any Layer: From Apps to Infrastructure and Everything In‑between

Full-stack analytics reveal the health of critical processes, the root-cause of problems, and negative performance trends. Learn more

Any Role: From CIO to Sys-admins & COO to Business Managers, Across All Organizations

Executive dashboards with unified performance analytics and trend reports to optimize costs and increase reliability of ongoing operations. Learn more

Real-time Performance Analytics for Business Services and SLA

  • Real-time Analytics: Advanced management & tactical dashboards maintain SLAs for critical processes
  • In Context: Constant alignment between IT data and business objectives.
  • User Experience Assured: Detect user experience degradation before users even know it.
  • Traffic Analyzer: Analyze bandwidth consumption and data flow; filter by application, packets, protocols, etc.

A Single Pane of Glass Covers All Information and Operations Technology (IT/OT)

  • Visualize SLAs and system availability
  • Proactive problem detection
  • Bring IT, operations and business teams together.

Most Advanced Features & Modules

The widest range of out of the box software and hardware support with automated discovery and dependency & topology maps.

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